Project for smart parking has been initiated to design, implement and operate a parker friendly on street and Off street parking management system with integrated parking enforcement system and a central command Center ensuring integrity of revenues. Pre requisites for implementing the technology are properly marked parking slots, floor mounted with sensor, parking meters, handheld device with payment options, installation of signage and safety products etc.

Smart Parking Solutions

  • Automated entry with QR /barcode readers for pre booking
  • Pre paid smartcards for metro commuters to park and ride
  • Automated pay stations and express exits
  • Web based solutions to enables quick access to monitor, audit and control.
  • Sensors are equipped to communicate back and forth with the central command center
  • Ensures the availability on real time information by on street monitoring sensors, entry and exit points for Off Street.
  • Maximize occupancy – utilize every space and Increase turnover
  • Quick decision making and ease of parking reduces general frustrations
  • Proactive traffic management and control, reduces operational expenses
  • Improved planning and operation.
  • Complements parking service and enhances customer experience
  • Can be used for all Parking needs, permit payment / management and enforcement payments
  • Build on hybrid technology for android and iPhone users
  • 3-click concept, fast, easy and light on memory
  • Can be integrated easily with applications like

– citizen app/ metro app / shopping mall app / airport app / food court app etc.


1.Model Road,
2.Manas Bhavan,
3.Civic Centre,
4.Bhavwartal Garden front gate,
5.Shrinath ki taliyaa,
6.Naudra Bridge Bus stop backside,
7.Gwarighat jhanda chowk,

Parking Capacity Type of Parking

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