Sr. No Project NameDate of Pre BidLast Date of Purchase of TenderLast Date of Online SubmissionDate of Opening of Technical Bid Last Date of Physical SubmissionDate of Opening of Financial Bid Tender Document CostEMD View
1.Construction of Smart Roads & Under Ground Electrification Work Under Phase-IV20-04-201824-04-201826-04-201825-04-201801-05-201850,000/-9,10,220/- Click Here
2.Development Of Road With Utilities, From Penti Naka To GourTiraha, Jabalpur10-04-201819-04-201823-04-201825-04-201826-04-201828-05-201850000/-1881500/- Click Here
3.Construction of Smart Road & Under Ground Electrification Work Under NA20-04-201824-04-201826-04-201825-04-2018 01-05-201850000.00/-9,10,220.00/- Click Here
4.Conservation Work Baradari (Sangram Sagar)19-04-201827-04-201802-05-201803-05-201805-05-201810-05-201812,500.00/-1,12,000.00/- Click Here
5.Request For Proposal For Design, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Public Bicycle Sharing Scheme in Jabalpur12-04-201819-04-201823-04-201825-04-201826-04-201827-04-201810000/-100000/- Click Here
6.Development of Walkway with other utilities around Ranital Lake, Jabalpur09-04-2018 23-04-201825-04-201826-04-201828-04-201805-05-201815,000/-3,20,000/- Click Here
7.De-silting/Wet excavation works in Ranital Lake through amphibious excavator and other mechanical excavators at Jabalpur(M.P.)09-04-201823-04-201825-04-201826-04-201828-04-201802-05-201815,000/-3,50,000/- Click Here
8.Request For Proposal for Selection of System Integrator for Implementation of Intelligent Transit System (ITS) Solutions in Jabalpur17-04-201816-04-201802-05-201804-05-201803-05-201807-05-20185,000/-20,00,000/- Click Here
9.Conservation of Ghanta Ghar and Conservation of Kamaniya Gate.02-04-201812-04-201820-04-201823-04-201824-04-201830-04-20185000.00/-50,000.00/- Click Here
10.Conservation Work of Gandhi Bhawan Library (Town Hall)02-04-201812-04-201816-04-2018 17-04-201820-04-201824-04-201815,000.00/-4,15,000.00/- Click Here
11.Construction of Open Air Theatre & Development of Recreational Zone at Bhatauli , Gwarighat, Jabalpur (M.P.)15-02-201816-04-2018 19-04-201823-04-201823-04-201826-04-201830,000/-10,00,000/- Click Here
12.Development of Precast Multi-level Parking at ISBT ( 3rd Call)02-04-201812-04-201816-04-201817-04-201819-04-201825-04-201820000/-8,10,250/- Click Here
13.Development of Multi-Sports Complex at Wright Town, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh (Phase -1)02-04-201819-04-201826-04-201827-04-201828-04-201803-05-201850000/-17,58,000.00/- Click Here
14.Development of N.M.T (Non-motorized transit) from Naudra Bridge to Pandey Hospital & construction of remaining part of closed Box Drain /culvert on Omti nalla near Dr. Pandey Hospital26-03-201812-04-201816-04-201817-04-201817-04-201823-04-201820,000.00 /-9,85,000/- Click Here
15.Selection of an Agency for Implementation and Management of Public Bike sharing system for the City of Jabalpur, On Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model with Viability Gap Funding (VGF)02-04-201807-04-201810-04-201812-04-201811-04-201816-04-201815,000/-3,00,000/- Click Here

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