Sr No.Project NameDate of Pre BidLast Date of Purchase of TenderLast Date of Online SubmissionDate of Opening of Technical Bid Last Date of Physical SubmissionDate of Opening of Financial Bid Tender Document CostEMD View
1.Construction of Cultural & Information center with Interior, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Landscaping and other Allied Services work at Jabalpur (M.P.).24-01-2018 Time 03.00 PM12-02-2018 Till 05.30 PM 14-02-201815-02-201820-02-201823-02-201850,000/-27,62,000/- Click Here
2.Construction of Smart Road & Under Ground Electrification Work - Phase – II15-01-2018 Time 03.00 PM25-01-1830-01-201803-02-201805-02-1812-02-201850,000/-18,41,575/- Click Here
3.Development of PreCast Multilevel Parking at ISBT Jabalpur.09-01-201719-01-2018 Till 5:30 PM 23-01-201824-01-201827-01-201831-01-201820,000/-8,10,250/ Click Here
4.Development of Landscape along NMT from Katanga to Gawrighat, JabalpurNA19-01-201822-01-201823-01-201823-01-201828-01-20185,000/-1,00,000 Click Here
5.Development of N.M.T (Non-motorized transit) from Naudra Bridge to Pandey Hospital & construction of remaining part of closed Box Drain /culvert on Omti nalla near Dr. Pandey Hospital28-12-201715-01-2018 Till 5:30 PM19-01-201817-01-201825-01-201824-01-201820,000/-9,85,000/-Click Here
6.24X7 Water Supply System in ABD Area Jabalpur06-12-201730-01-201802-02-201803-02-201806-02-201809-02-2018NA10,00,000/-Click Here
7.Construction of Intimate Theater Works Ailied Services Works and Lanscaping at Bhawartal Park Jabalpur12-12-2017 at 03:00 PM30-12-2017(Online)05-01-2018(Online)08-01-201809-01-2018NANANAClick Here
8.Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Pole Shifting Work at Various Locations in Jabalpur Under smart city mission.NA26-12-201726-12-201728-12-201730-12-201702-01-201710,000/-50,000/-Click Here
9.Selection of Integrated Creative, Branding and Social Media Management Agency for Promotion of Jabalpur Smart City (JSCL)07-12-21729-12-1708-01-201810-01-201809-01-2018 05.30 PMNA5,000/-50,000/-Click Here
10.Construction Of Building For Integrated Command Control Centre at JabalpurNA11-12-2017(Online)17-12-2017(Online)21-12-201722-12-201728-12-201715,000/-3,55,000/-Click Here
11.Construction of Smart Roads & Under Ground Electrification Work Under PHASE -IIINA 02-01-201805-01-201806-01-201808-01-201812-01-201850,000/-1,88,200/-Click Here
12.Expression of Interest (EOI)for Design, Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of passenger rope way system at Madan Mahal, JabalpurNA21-12-2017(Offline)NANANANANANAClick Here
13.Transformation of Overhead Tank to Artistic Monument by Painting at Cultural Street at Bhawartal Garden JabalpurNA12-12-201714-12-201715-12-201718-12-201719-12-2017Rs.2,000/-Rs.29,200/-Click Here
14.Supply, Installation, Erection, Testing and Commissioning & Five Year Operation and Maintenance Contract of Six Level Multi Grid Over-Ground Electro-Mechanical Type Car Parking System for Civic Center16-11-201701-12-201704-12-201705-12-201711-12-201714-12-201720000/-6,12,000/-Click Here
15.Empanelment of Vendor for Executing Physical and Topographical Survey Works for Jabalpur Smart City LimitedNA18-11-2017NANANANANANAClick Here
16.Selection of Authorisee for Design, Development, Implementation, Operation and Maintenance of Smart Parking Solution for On-Street, Off-Street and Multi-Level Parking in Jabalpur on PPP model08-11-2017NA15-11-201723-11-201720-11-2017 (04:00 PM)28-11-2017NA2,00,000/-Click Here
17.Supply, installation,Commissioning and O& M of Outdoor LED Video wall at Cultural Street Bhanwar Taal Garden on BOT model06-11-201712-11-201714-11-201716-11-201717-11-201721-11-20175000/-50,000/-Click Here
18.Expression of Interest for the preparation of City Disaster Management Plan (CDMP) for Jabalpur City.01-11-2017NANA17-11-201716-11-2017(Offline)NANANAClick Here
19.Construction of Smart Roads & Under Ground Electrification Work Under Phase -IINA20-11-201723-11-201727-11-201727-11-201704-12-201750,000 /-8,19,62,850 /-Click Here
20.Providing, erecting, fixing & Maintaining Retro reflective Signage & Smart Real Time Automatic Variable signage on various roads under JMC limits25-11-2017 08-11-2017(Online)10-11-201713-11-201713-11-201720-11-201720,000 /-8,60,000 /-Click Here
21.Development of Transport Nagar at Tewar Village, Jabalpur on DBFOT (Design, Built, Finance Operate and Transfer)Basis under PPP Mode27-10-201710-11-201713-11-201714-11-201716-11-201720-11-201750,000 /-25,50,000 /-Click Here
22.Selection of Consultant To Prepare Detailed Project Including Feasibility Assessment, Integrated Master Plan, and Design for Development of Garment Park At Bhatuil, JabalpurNA05-11-201708-11-201709-11-201710-11-201716-11-201720,000/-1,50,000/-Click Here
23.Selection of Consultant for (1) Preparation of Program for 24x7 Water Supply to cover Jabalpur City Corporation (2) Transaction Support including preparation of draft contract, bidding documents, assistance in bidding process till award of contract on PPP basis.09-10-2017 at 01 PM23-10-201726-10-2017 at 05:30 PM27-10-201731-10-2017 up to 05:30 PM08-11-2017NANAClick Here
24.Construction Of Rotary & Fountain at Choti line Fatak, JABALPURNA24-10-201727-10-201730-10-201703-11-201707-11-201710,000.00/-97,000.00/-
Click Here
25.Expression of Interest for Empanelment of firms for Preparation of DPR, Bid process management, Comprehensive Architectural design, Engineering consultancy and PMC/SQC works for various Infrastructures, Building construction and projects in JabalpurNANANANA30-10-2017(offline submission)N.A.N.A.N.A.Click Here
26.Support JSCL aspirations to develop Grid Connected Solar Power Projects at various locations in Jabalpur under RESCO Model.NANANANA02-11-2017(offline submission)N.A.N.A.N.A.Click Here
27.Development of N.M.T (Non-motorized transit) from Bus Stand to Naudra Bridge28-09-201718-10-201723-10-201724-10-201726-10-2017 28-10-201715,000.00/-2,84,000.00/-Click Here
28.Empanelment of Event Organizers Firms for Jabalpur Smart City Ltd.NANANANA17-10-2017(Offline Submission)NANANAClick Here
29.Design of Cable Suspension Bridge at Bhatauli, JabalpurNA23-10-2017NANANANANANAClick Here

Tender has been Cancelled

NANA09-10-2017NANANANANAClick Here
31.Construction of Underground Intimate Theater with Interior work, Allied Services work and Landscaping at Bhawartal Park, Jabalpur (M.P.)27-09-201710-10-201717-10-201724-10-201723-10-201725-10-201730,000.00/-10,00,000.00/-Click Here
32.Supply and Fixing of Furniture, Sports items and Allied Accessories in Conference at Smart City Office Manas Bhawan JabalpurNA25-09-201727-09-201729-09-201729-09-201704/10/20172000/-29983/-Click Here
33.Selection of Concessionaire for Implementing Intelligent Poles for Smart City Project in BOOT ModelNA03-10-201707-10-201709-10-201710-10-2017 Before 05:30 PM12-10-201710,000/-10,00,000/-Click Here

Tender has been Cancelled
Selection of Agency/SI/MSI for Implementation and Management of Paperless System Across Office of Jabalpur Smart City Ltd

35.Under Ground Electrification Work at Smart Road Phase 131-08-201706-09-201711-09-201712-09-201713-09-2017 Before 17:30 15-09-201750,000/-35,10,000/-Click Here
36.Development of Transport Nagar at Tewar Village, Jabalpur on DBFOT (Design, Built, Finance Operate and Transfer)Basis under PPP Mode27-10-201710-11-201713-11-201714-11-201716-11-201720-11-201750,000 /-25,50,000 /-Click Here
37.Development of Dumna Nature Park Phase I at Park21-08-2017 at Manas Bhawan (03:30 PM)06-09-201712-09-201714-09-201718-09-201728-09-201715,000/-3,71,500/-Click Here

Tender has been Cancelled

Implementations of Road Side Smart Parking System
39.Implementation and Maintenance of Smart Digital Library with 200 Nodes /Kiosk Jabalpur Smart CityNA05-09-201707-09-201711-09-201712-09-201714-09-201715,000/-4,00,000/-Click Here
40.Development of Bus Terminal cum Commercial Complex at Teen Patti, Jabalpur on PPP Mode (on DBFOT Basis) at Jabalpur (M.P.)NA15-09-201721-09-201722-09-2017 25-09-201728-09-201750,000/- 50,00,000/-Click Here
41.Supply and Fixing of Furniture for Incubation Centre at Civic Centre JabalpurN.A.26-08-201728-08-201729-08-201730-08-2017 Before 17:30 01-09-20173,000/-23,500/-Click Here
42.Construction of Smart Road and Under Ground Electrification Work Under Phase-1NA01-08-201705-08-201708-08-201711-08-201714-08-2017 50,000/-35,10,000/-Click Here
43.Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning of Air Conditioners for Incubation Centre at Civic Centre JabalpurN.A.02-08-2017 Before 23:50 PM03-08-2017 Before 23:50 PM04-08-2017 16:30 PM05-08-2017 Before 17:50 PM06-08-2017 10:30 AM3000/-10,750/-Click Here
44.Supply and Fixing of Furniture, Sports Items and Allied Accessories in Conference Room at Manas BhawanTo Be Notify Letter 05-07-201710-07-201712-07-201710-07-2017 Before 05:30 PM19-07-20172,000/-N.A.Click Here
45.Design, Supply Installation Testing Commissioning of Musical Floating Fountain and High Jet Floating Fountain With Mist at Gulaua Tal and Lotus Fountain Supplemented by Water Dames at Choti Line Phatak, Jabalpur07-07-201714-07-201717-07-2017
20-07-201722-07-2017 25-07-201712,500/-1,42,550/-Click Here
46.Development of Amenities at Gallua Tall JabalpurTo Be Notify Letter 07-06-2017 to 03-07-201707-06-2017 to 07-07-201710-07-201710-07-201718-07-201715000/-2,21,200/-Click Here
47.Selection of Consultant for Providing Comprehensive Architectural and Engineering Service for Development of Narmada Darshan 21-06-201729-06-201703-07-201710-07-201707-07-201714-07-201712,500/-2,00,000/-Click Here
48.Re-Development of Swimming Pool and Development, Oration and Maintenance of Multi Level Car Parking on D.B.F.O.T Mode at Bhawartal, Jabalpur26-06-201705-07-201712-07-201718-07-201717-07-201722-07-201730,000/-10,00,000/-Click Here
49.Development of Non Motorised Transit Katanga to Ghwarighat14-06-2017 at 03:00 PM30-06-201704-07-201705-07-201707-07-2017 Before 05:30 PM10-07-201715,000/-4,32,880/-Click Here
50.Development & Interior OF Incubation Center at Civic Center JDA Building at Jabalpur27/05/2017 to 07/06/201727-05-2017 To 07-06-201727-05-2017 To 08-06-201709-06-2017NA12-07-20172000/-28,400/-Click Here
51.SITC of Air Conditioner in Conference Room at Manas BhawanNA08-06-201712-06-201714-06-201716-06-2017 Before 05:30 PM19-06-20175000/-25,250/-Click Here
52.Supply and Installation of Networking, LED Lighting in Conference Room at Manas BhawanNA08-06-201712-06-201714-06-201716-06-2017 Before 05:30 PM19-06-20172,000/-33,650/-Click Here
53.Development of N.M.T (Non-Motorized Transit) from Bus Stand to Madan Mahal StationNA29-06-2017 04-07-2017 05-07-201707-07-201711-07-201720,000/-7,11,700/-Click Here
54.SITC of VRV/VRF 20 HP at Jabalpur Smart City Office Right Side Wing at Manas BhawanNA07-06-201709-06-201713-06-201712-06-2017 Before 05:30 PM14-06-20172,000/-14,000/-Click Here
55.Provision of Services to Manage and Operate Jabalpur Incubation CenterN.A.05-06-2017 Before 05:00 PM05-06-2017 Before 05:00 PM 05-06-2017 Before 05:30 PM 05-06-2017 Before 05:30 PM12-06-2017Rs. 5,000/-Rs. 1,00,000/-Click Here

Tender has been Cancelled

05-06-2017 Timing :- 3:00 PM At Manas Bhawan22-06-201728-06-201730-06-201705-07-2017 Before 05:30 PM07-07-2017Rs. 5,000/-Rs. 2,00,000/-Click Here
57.Request for Proposal For Selection of Agency/SI/MSI for Implementation and Management of Smart Schools in City of JabalpurN.A.15-07-201717-07-2017To be notified letter20-07-2017 (05:30 PM)26-07-2017N.A.N.A.Click Here
58.Development of Conference Hall at Manas BhawanN.A.26-05-201729-05-201530-05-201703-06-2017 Before 05:30 PM04-06-20175,000/-44,000/-Click Here
59.Renovation, Restoration & Redevelopment of Heritage Buildings and surroundings at Jabalpur12-05-201719-05-201722-05-201526-05-201725-05-2017 Before 05:30PM28-05-20175,000/-40,000/-Click Here
60.Construction of Smart Road Under Phase-I Jabalpur18-05-201725-05-201731-05-201706-06-201703-06-201713-06-201750,000/-20,86,500/-Click Here
61.Selection of Bidders for Implementation of Mobile App & Web Portal for Tourism in JabalpurN.A.15-06-201716-06-201721-06-201720-06-2017 (05:30 PM)23-06-2017N.A.N.A.Click Here
62.Selection of Master System Integrator for Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) for Smart City JabalpurN.A.To be notified later To be notified laterTo be notified laterTo be notified laterTo be notified laterTo be notified laterTo be notified laterClick Here
63.Selection of consultant for providing comprehensive architectural services for development convention centre at Ghanta Ghar,JabalpurN.A.21-04-201725-04-2017 01-05-201729-04-201704-05-2017 N.A.N.A.Click Here
64.Appointment of ICT Consultants for DPR Preparation and Bid Process Management for Implementation of Intelligent Transit Management System and Intelligent Traffic Management System for Jabalpur Smart City Limited21-07-2017 27-07-2017 (Online)29-07-201731-07-201703-08-201702-08-20175,000/-40,000/-Click Here
65.Development of N.M.T (Non-motorized transit) from Bus Stand to Madan Mahal Station07-04-201719-04-201721-04-201727-04-201726-04-201729-04-2017 N.A.N.A.Click Here
66.Development of Multi-Level Car Parking on D.B.F.O.T. at Civic Center, Jabalpur06-04-2017 18-04-201720-04-201725-04-2017 24-04-201730-04-201710,000/-6,00,000/-Click Here
67.Engagement of Agency for Installation, Operation and Maintenance of public e-cycle sharing system in JabalpurN.A.10-04-201719-04-201724-04-201722-04-201727-04-2017N.A.N.A.Click Here
N.A.06-04-201719-04-201724-04-201722-04-201727-04-2017N.A.N.A.Click Here
69.Request for Proposal Document (RFP) Development, Operation and Maintenance of Multi Level Car Parking and re-development of swimming pool on D.B.F.O.T. at Bhawartal, Jabalpur
27-03-201705-04-201709-04-2017 17-04-2017 14-04-201720-04-2017 N.A.N.A.Click Here
70.Selection of consultant for providing comprehensive architectural services for development Intimate theatre, Open air theatre and other amenities beside Bhawartal garden, Jabalpur31-03-2017 05-04-201718-04-2017 24-04-201722-04-201727-04-2017N.A.N.A.Click Here
71.Laying of sewer line on both sides of proposed NMT & existing Omti Nala starting from Madan Mahal to Pandey hospital, Ghamapur square and Construction of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)N.A. 04-04-201707-04-2017 12-04-201711-04-2017 15-04-2017 N.A.N.A.Click Here
72.Expression of Interest (EoI) Invitation for Expression of Interest for Implementation of Smart Health Solutions in JabalpurN.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.Click Here
73.Expression of Interest for Turnkey Contract for Design and Construction of a Suspension Bridge at Bhatauli, Jabalpur, M.P., India
N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.Click Here
74.Invites Expression of Interest from competitive and expert firms for 3D mapping and projections of sound & light show for Tripuri memorial at JabalpurN.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.Click Here
75.Expression of Interest from expert person/organizations for development of content, concept and script of sound & light show at Tripuri memorial, Jabalpur
N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.Click Here

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