Destination Unseen of Memorable in Nature and Adventure

last Date of Photo Uploading- 05-07-2018


Dumna Nature Park is easily accessible, just 10 km from Jabalpur Railway Station and 5 km from the Airport, DUMNA Nature Reserve is a tropical deciduous forest spread in 1058 hectares area. The Reserve is an exploring lens man’s delight as it provides plenty of floral and faunal objects in a vast setting of Natural Landscape surrounding an equally Natural rain fed water body attracting a variety of migratory birds and butterflies. Spotted Deer, Monkeys, Cheetals, Wild Boar, Porcupines, Jackals, Snakes, Squirrels just to name a few will also be your companions from a distance.

Attractive prizes will be awarded this year for the best photos of the following subjects: –


Uploading Link for images will be available from 16th June to 5 July 2018.

For any other query, please contact – Or call 7611136801, 7611136800.

Photography will be allowed all below mention time –
Morning 05:30 to 10:30 AM
Evening 03:30 to 06:00 pm


Categories – Following are the categories forevents.

  1. Camera Photographs.
  2. Mobile Photographs.

Winners will receive prizes as follows:-

  1. Camera Photographs.
First Prize  ₹ 31000/- (1)
Second Prize ₹ 21000/-(1)
Third Prize ₹ 11000/-(1)
Fighter Award ₹ 5000/-(5) each

        2.Mobile Photographs.

Winner ₹  11000/-(1)
Fighter Award ₹ 5000/-(5)each
Emerging Youth Award ₹ 3000/-(10)each

Please Note :Online registration will be available from 07th June 2018 up to 24th June 2018.Uploading Link for images will be available from 16th June to 5th July 2018.