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30 Jan
29 Jan
18 Jan
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Result of DUMNA Photography Event

Result of DUMNA Photography Event

First Prize 

Name : Rahul  Pandit
ID : dumna_photo2710171556

Second Prize 

Name : Shashwat Upadhyay
ID : dumna_photo2710178475

Third Prize 

Name : Anal Salshingikar
ID : dumna_photo2710172890

Fighter Awards

Name : Basant Tiwari
ID : dumna_photo2710171785

Name : AnjanaTiwari
ID : dumna_photo2710173718

Name : Jatin Rathore
ID : dumna_photo2710179611

Name : Dr Dilip Kumar Katiyar
ID : dumna_photo2710175475

Name : Ajay Dhabarde
ID : dumna_photo2710175942

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17 Jan
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Dumna Cycling Event Photographs

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15 Dec
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Incubation Center

Jabalpur Incubation Center provide support to startup companies in terms of Consultation, Business Plan assistance, growth acceleration, product prototyping, office space, infrastructure, mentorship and seed funding. We are in a mission mode for effecting the interface between the Institute and the Industry and has been devising innovative ways to create partnerships and linkages with business and community to enable knowledge transfer for common good.Our expert panel consists of a mix of renowned industry leaders and accomplished subject matter experts, who not only co-develop the program with us, but also mentor the students.

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12 Dec
01 Dec
30 Nov
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Screening of NEWTON- 30th of November at Manas Bhawan

Jabalpur Smart City Ltd has organised a special screening of the film Newton. The screening will commence 5pm on 30 November at Manas Bhavan, Jabalpur. Veteran actor Mr Raghuveer Yadav, who also acted in the movie, will be the chief guest at the event. The screening will be followed by a film appreciation session where youngsters will interact with Mr Yadav.

Newton will be India’s official entry at Oscars 2018 .

The entry is free. There are no tickets or passes. However, if you have the ‘Jabalpur 311’ app on your mobile, you will get preference for entrance and seating etc.

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27 Nov
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Gond Paintings Workshop

आज स्मार्ट सिटी जबलपुर द्वारा आयोजित गोंड चित्रकला वर्कशॉप का समापन किया गया जिसमें जबलपुर शहर के नागरिकों के साथ ही देश विदेश से आये नागरिकों ने भी कलाकारों का उत्साह बढ़ाया ! कलाकारों द्वारा बनाई गई पेंटिंग्स को खरीदकर आये नागरिकों ने उनका चित्रकला के प्रति प्रेम और उत्साह भी दिखाया !

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13 Sep
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15th September – Swacchta Mission Start From Madan Mahal Fort

जबलपुर की ऐतिहासिक धरोहर को  आकर्षक बनाने तथा धरोहर के आस पास के क्षेत्रों को साफ़ रखने के लिये सफाई अभियान चलाने के सुझाव मिले थे | जिसे निगमायुक्त ने 15 सितम्बर से मदन महल किले और उसके आस -पास के क्षेत्र में  स्वच्छता अभियान चलाने का निर्णय लिया है

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