WATER Awareness Conservation Engagement

Your IDEAS can CHANGE our world for the BETTER

Your IDEAS Have The Power To CHANGE our World For The BETTER

An exclusive information pack for Heads of Educational Institutions & Schools, Jabalpur | March 28th, 2018

AQUA A.C.E Program On Water Conservation Awareness | Conservation | Engagement

Jabalpur Municipal Corporation, Jabalpur

Primary Focus : Water Conservation

Supporting Themes: Waste Reduction 

Save The Dates

Play your part in Water Conservation!

On behalf of Jabalpur, The Leading Smart City of India we invitethe citizens to play an active part in the first of its kind campaign to focus on WATER CONSERVATION.Spanning across four key dates, this campaign was launched on WORLD WATER DAY (March 22ndand will cross over WORLD EARTH DAY (April 22nd), WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY (June 5th) and JABALPUR SMART CITY FOUNDATION DAY (June 25th).

We are offering the citizens of Jabalpur to participate in various initiatives that have a direct impact on addressing the challenges we are about to face on WATER shortages and scarcity.

Let us act together while we can and ensure that our development and progress does not come at a cost that will be borne by the next generation.

The specially designed campaign will also help nurture and develop 21 Century Competencies, develop values that can be applied into action and provide students an opportunity to become global citizens. We have kept in mind the academic and curriculum for students, your commitments and wish to make this campaign a success while creating the maximum IMPACT.

Come one Come All. The city will become the center of transformation and us citizens – THE CHANGE MAKERS!

So do not hold back. Go beyond the ordinary. How should we cope, how will mother cope as with the impact of CLIMATE CHANGE, time is not on our side. Encourage your children, your friends and everyone around you to participate in the following events.

This Information Pack will provide you all the information you need to guide you about the events.

SLOGANS & SHORT MESSAGES – (Punch Lines) invite entries that could become the key points for communicating with all citizens. Your voice, ideas and passion will go places and help usconserve WATER and protect our ENVIRONMNET.

JINGLES –  are enthralling, captivating and even resonate within to ACT for IMPACT. Talent comes in all shapes and sizes.  Send us your entries of no more than 60-90 seconds. So here’s your chance to let the creative juices flow and who knows the world will stop to take notice.

TIPS ON SAVING WATER – Every drop counts. We can see so much happening around us from minimizing wastages to inspiring others to SAVE WATER.

PAINTING COMPETITION – Art speaks all languages and so we have chosen it as a medium to communicate the challenges related to water and water conservation. We invite entries from school students to showcase their ideas and talent on this city wide platform.

ANKURAN TECHFEST –  Ankuran is a unique talent and technology showcase event for students of Higher Education in developing solutions and social innovations for sustainable development & nation building.

BEST WARD AWARDS –  Recognizing wards excelling in practices in Water conservation, it’s efficient use and solid waste management through an audit process as per guidelines and criteria.

PARIYAVARAN MITRA AWARDS – Nominations of those who are doing exemplary work in the field of water conservation and environment protection.
More than that earn the respect and recognition from the citizens of this amazing city with a long-standing heritage and unique culture!